Negotiations of the mergers and acquisitions

Private Equity and Merger & Acquisition

Negotiations of the mergers and acquisitions

Buying and selling business (also known as M&A stands for Mergers and Acquisitions) is the transfer of ownership of part or all of an enterprise, in order to gain control of the acquired business. M&A activities are gradually becoming a popular investment trend in Vietnam and being one of the business strategies of many investors in international investment and trade activities.

M&A offers many different and attractive benefits for each party in the transaction. For the seller, the sale will help the seller gain an investment capital, help the business reorganize its business, build a business plan with new resources, etc. For the Buyer, buying a business can bring benefits to investors in penetrating the market quickly, grasping business know-how, production lines, reducing time to enter the market, …

Negotiations of the mergers and acquisitions
Negotiations of the mergers and acquisitions

However, M&A is a rather complicated procedure which is scattered in many different legal documents. Moreover, carrying out this procedure requires that the business manager must understand not only legal knowledge, business market but also other factors relating to verification of assets analysising cash flow, and a number of other related areas.

Luat Su Rieng with a team of lawyers with many years of experience in the field of business trading, together with experts in the field of Auditing, Valuation will accompany customers to solve problems and help the implementation of legal procedures is not only simple and fast, but also takes advantage of and promotes good business advantages while ensuring a minimum legal safety corridor.

We are a leading lawfirm in providing legal advice on mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam, with a combination of international experience and local knowledge. We advise on a wide range of deal structures, from state takeovers/tenders to expropriation, auctions, privatization or segregation. We can provide a wide range of legal services include tax, labor, intellectual property, finance, real estate, antitrust and competition, and dispute resolution, to provide Integrated support for all Mergers & Acquisitions in Vietnam.

We focus on areas such as automotive, infrastructure, real estate, pharmaceutical/ medical, media and communications, consumer products.

Luat Su Rieng provides services related to the business segment as follows:

  • Consulting lawyer – drafting the Contract;
  • Lawyer for contract negotiation;
  • Investment consulting service;
  • Consultancy on making investment projects;
  • Consulting, enterprise valuation service;
  • Consulting, brand valuation service;
  • Consulting auction;

Hundreds of other related services.

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