Consultation and implementation of enterprise restructuring services

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Consultation and implementation of enterprise restructuring services

When enterprises operate ineffectively, enterprise restructuring, or innovation of the organizational structure and business operations of the enterprise will contribute to enhance the operational efficiency of the business, avoiding enterprises falls into bankruptcy or dissolution. In addition, in circumstances, enterprises can also recover from the crisis, make use of their business advantages to develop their businesses and turn the enterprise over a new leaf.

Restructuring consulting services will help enterprises re-evaluate the entire current state of their organizational and business structures, on the basis of which helps enterprises reorganize, restructure their business activities more efficiently.

Consultation and implementation of enterprise restructuring services
Consultation and implementation of enterprise restructuring services

LSR restructuring advisory services include:

• Research and give legal opinions on organizational reassessment of the current organizational and business structure of the enterprise;

• Researching and consulting various types of corporate reorganization, including reorganization of member companies, affiliates, and subsidiaries;

• Consulting and implementing related legal and administrative procedures;

• Consulting and implementing business form conversion procedures;

• Consulting and implementing legal procedures related to changing ownership structure of enterprises in accordance with business model.

• Consulting and implementing corporate debt trading services.

In addition, LSR provides services related to enterprise bankruptcy including:

• Consulting and preparing documents, performing procedures for enterprise bankruptcy in case of voluntary bankruptcy in Court;

• Consulting and appealing about the decision to open bankruptcy proceedings of the court in case of compulsory bankruptcy;

• Consulting plans for business recovery of the enterprise;

• Legal advice on handling debts, handling enterprise assets in the bankruptcy process;

• Legal advice related to business operations may be prohibited or restricted from the date of receipt of the decision to initiate bankruptcy proceedings from the court;

• Representing the enterpise to handle disputes with any third party during bankruptcy proceedings;

• Authorized representatives for enterpises to work with courts, secured and unsecured creditors, and third parties before and after a decision to initiate bankruptcy proceedings.

• Other jobs related to bankruptcy proceedings as required.

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